7 Chakra Spiral Wire Wrapped Pendant - Gemstones, Balance, Harmonize Energy Centers, Reiki Jewelry, Valentines Day Gift Idea


If choosing Sterling, chain will also be Sterling 1.4 mm rope chain


7 semi-precious gemstones that have healing and balancing properties representing each of your primary chakras or energy meridians.

Size: 1 and 3/4 inches.

Chain included

4mm Semi Precious Stones

Hammered Wire

A chakra is like a vortex, a constantly revolving wheel of energy for our life energy force.

There are 7 major chakras associated with the physical body, each a source of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

When the chakras are open and balanced, energy flows freely allowing for optimal health and well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each chakra is associated with a specific color and crystal that governs different aspects of our bodies. Using gemstones associated with each chakra can have great healing and balancing effects.


Semi-Precious stones in this pendant:

Base Chakra - Red Jasper - Protection

Sacral Chakra - Carnelian - Creativity, Love

Solar Plexis - Tiger Eye - Intellect, Emotional Center

Heart Chakra - Green Aventurine - Love, Oneness

Throat Chakra - Sodalite - Feelings, Release

Third Eye, Amethyst - Inner Seeing, Intuition, Spiritual Awareness and Love

Crown Chakra, Leopard Jasper - Grounding, Stability, Security

Your chakra balancing pendant will be a beautiful tool to help balance these energy points in your body.