Chakra Anklet Bracelet Semi Precious Stones, Chain, Lobster Clasp,Balance, Reiki Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, Harmonize Energy

in: Bracelets


Sterling Silver or Silver Plated


* 7 Semi Precious Stones, 8mm

* Metal Chain with Lobster Clasp

Size: 9-10 inches

Base Chakra - Red Jasper ~ Protection, Grounding

Sacral Chakra - Carnelian ~ Creativity

Solar Plexis - Tiger Eye ~ Intellect

Heart Chakra - Green Aventurine ~ Prosperity, Abundance, Calming

Throat Chakra - Sodalite or Blue Chalcedony ~ Feelings and Release

Third Eye, Amethyst ~ Intuitive, Insight

Crown Chakra, Leopard Jasper ~ Compassion, Tranquility




(A chakra is like a vortex, a constantly revolving wheel of energy for our life energy force.

There are 7 major chakras associated with the physical body, each a source of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

When the chakras are open and balanced, energy flows freely allowing for optimal health and well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each chakra is associated with a specific color and crystal that governs different aspects of our bodies. Using gemstones associated with each chakra can have great healing and balancing effects.

Your chakra balancing bracelet will be a beautiful tool to help balance these energy points in your body. Before wearing any healing gemstone, it is recommended that you clean them to clear any negative energy.

To clear your chakra stones:

The light of the full moon will clean and clear your chakra gemstones.

The strongest time to clear by moonlight is between the full moon and the new moon. Leave your stones outside overnight.

Another method is to smudge your stones using cedar or sage smudge sticks. Light a smudge stick and run the stones or crystals through the smoke a few times to clear.

You can also run your bracelet under running cool tap water for 20 minutes. Be careful if using sea salt to clean as this will erode some gemstones.


♥ I make each piece of jewelry with loving energy and positive intentions for the receiver.

Each piece will arrive gift boxed with a stone description card and is also sage smudged for clearing. ♥