Good Fortune Citrine Earrings, Wire Wrapped, Absorbs Negative Energy, Protection, Creativity, Happiness, Reiki Healing,

in: Earrings


Sterling Silver or Silver Plated


Citrine Nugget Wire Wrapped Earrings

Size: 1.5 inches

Silver plated or Sterling Silver wire

Healing/Metaphysical Properties of Citrine!

Citrine is a stone of happiness, prosperity and Creativity. It is a great stone to carry for confidence and protection as well.

Citrine can help cleanse your chakra/energy centers and helps to open intuition.  It is associated with wealth and prosperty and can increase self-confidence.

♥ I make each piece of jewelry with loving energy and positive intentions for the receiver.

Each piece will arrive gift boxed with a stone description card and is also sage smudged for clearing. ♥

Smudging is a Native American tradition that involves burning white sage. The white sage is said to release any negative energy on the material (object, person, or room), which is released and recycled back to positive. The white sage smudge then brings forth the positive ions and activates them.