Hematite and Green Aventurine Semi Precious Stone Stretch Bracelet, Reiki Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, Gift Idea

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Hematite and Green Aventurine Semi-Precious Stones

6mm stones inside Hematite circles

NOTE;; You can choose a different 4mm stone for inside the Hematite circles (drop down menu above)

7 inches

Aventurine balances the Heart Chakra

Hematite is associated with the Base or 1st chakra

Healing and Balancing Properties of Aventurine and Hematite:

* Protect from Electromagnetic Pollution around you

* Soothes Eyes

* Balances Energies, both emotional and spiritual

* Relieves Stress

* Aventurine encourages creativity and calmness

Associated with Abundance and Prosperity