JADE FACE ROLLERS, Serenity, Anti-Aging, Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga Tool



These are a great little tool to add to your daily routine!
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Roll on your skin before massaging with face roller - it will help your skin absorb the beneficial oils.

This is an amazing blend of oils that help renew your skin. Also many other beneficial properties like stress relief!

You simply roll it directly on your face to help soften wrinkles and lines . You can roll under your eyes to help decrease dark under eye circles. (never directly on your eye lids - under only)

Jade Face rollers have been around since the 17th century
The large roller is meant for your forehead, cheeks and neck while the small roller is for under the eyes and around the mouth

They can be beneficial for stimulating the lymph system, which is this vital fluid responsible for relieving the body of its waste and toxins, allowing for a flourishing and healthy immune system. When following the patterns of manual lymph drainage (see diagram below), using an intentional and almost feather-light touch, one is assisting the lymph system to flow and release.

Mary P. Lupo, M.D.: Lymphatic vessels are throughout the body. They do drain fluid in a dependent direction toward the heart and kidneys. Lymphatic vessel damage can result in edema, swelling. You can manually improve lymph flow with massage.

The origins of the Jade Roller lie in Chinese history. These beautiful beauty tool used by the elite in ancient China to keep skin beautiful and ageless. It was known as the “Stone of Heaven” and was included in China's Elite skincare routines since the 7th century.

Jade rollers have healing and protective properties for the skin. Boosting blood circulation, reducing swelling and allowing for deeper penetration of skincare products. Jade roller has a smaller roller which is great to use on smaller areas of the face like eyes and the area between eyebrows. Other benefits of using a jade roller are:

*reduce inflammation and puffiness of the skin.
*reduce the appearance of under eye circles (especially if your roller is cold)
*stimulates the lymphatic system
*brightens facial skin *tightens pores
*helping reduce the appearance of fine lines, *allowing skincare products to penetrate more deeply.

After using this Jade roller your skin will feels cool, fresh, calm and tighter.

How to Use:

You can also keep your jade roller in the fridge so that it is cold and refreshing when you to use it.  Use it every day for approx 5-10 minutes.

Roll back and forth, up and down and side to side, working around your facial contours and adding a little more pressure with the upwards motions.