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Was 27.00 NOW 25.00!!

Gorgeous and Masculine Jet Black Lava Stone (10mm) Bracelet

with Copper Accent

Also available (see last two photos) is Men's Bracelet with wooden beads, metal accents and 10mm Jet Black Lava Stone Focal.

See bracelet here::

Natural lava rock beads include naturally-formed voids and irregular surfaces, making each bead artfully unique. Lava rock comes from volcanoes.

All orders come gift boxed with a stone description card

Lava beads started life as molten rock over 1,000 degrees Celsius. It takes this high temperature and huge pressure to make rock melt beneath an active volcano. Most rock deep inside the Earth's interior is not molten. This molten rock is spewed out of the erupting volcano and flows in streams until cooler air freezes it solid.

Lava beads promote strength and fertility. Bringing stability in changing times, driving away anger - and helping one to understand a problem in order to spring back to a stronger position. A very grounding stone that strengthens our connection to Mother Earth..

Lava rock is the physical embodiement of fire. It started as molten lava and formed into rock. It may be the only stone hat is a physical form of what was once solely fire. It is an incredibly powerful stone for anyone born under a fire sign in their astrology, or for anyone who needs more fire in their lives. Lava rock can be used to develop a relationship with the Fire Allies, the energy that is fire, bringing about swift action towards long-sought after goals. The energy of fire is direct, powerful, impassioned, and headstrong. It can be very useful for those who are indecisive, timid,or who generally feel weak.Lava rock can also help one develop stronger ties with the earth, because it was once of one elemental form:fire, and has now transmuted to another elemental form: earth. It can also be beneficial for fire signs who feel they are "too fiery", by bringing a natural balance with the blending of earth's grounded energies into the often "too quick to act" nature of fire sign people.